Tuesday, September 29, 2009

VanCafe, My Android Project

Using Andriod we have built a solution for delivery van based Cafeteria. The overall process that targeted here is as follows. There is a main center cafe and there are delivery vans which would be assigned to different places. They sell goods to customers and the customers can order things via the mobile network using their smart phones. The vans are delivering the goods to the appropriate location.

Main focus on this system is towards a cafeteria which possesses number of delivery vans which do selling within different service areas and in the same time provides the customer with the facilities to make orders through their smart phones.

The Cafeteria has multiple delivery vans to sell and deliver food items to customers within the service area. Cafe Manager defines the service area which is fixed for a longer period of time. Vans are filled every morning and are allowed to come to the Cafeteria at any time to do refilling. Vans are expected to stay within their service area and an “Area Boundary Notification” shall be generated when the van crosses the defined boundary.

Customers can use the mobile device to view available items, view promotions and to order items. The customer location shall be automatically sent with the order. When an order is placed it shall be assigned to the van closest to the customer, depending on the stock availability. In addition to the order delivery vans can do direct sales on the road. Vans can also take orders from customers on the road.

The main features of this system is the usage of the facilities in the mobile environment. In spite of that, consumer friendly applications would be implemented to help the customer and the business (i.e. delivery van or the manager) with their day-to-day activities.


  1. May I know are there any tool for creating GUI for Android

  2. hi i have one problem i can't downloading pdf file using http service from android mobile pls help me

  3. whr cn i find the coding for the above scenario

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