Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SharePoint List GUIDs, How to Find?

In this post I’m going to discuss about an easiest way to find GUID of a SharePoint list and a View. If you are using the MOSS 2007 there is straight forward way to get the List GUID, these are the steps.

1. Access the list via your browser.

2. Go to Settings --> List Settings and right-click on the "Information management policy settings" links and choose Copy Shortcut.

3. Paste the URL and you can see the GUID surrounded with "{" and "}".

If you are using WSS 3.0 follow these steps, you can use this method to find the View GUID in MOSS 2007

1. Access the list via your browser and select the View you want to find the GUID.

2. Select "Modify this View" and copy the URL.

3 You will get a URL like this,


There you can find,


Replace "%7B" with "{"
Replace all "%2D" with "-"
Replace "%7D" with "}"

You are now left with the GUIDs, in the above example;

List ID is {5C65CB1A-2E1B-488A-AC07-B115CD0FC647}
View ID is {75E689B4-5773-43CB-8324-58E42E1EB885}

You can use SharePoint Tips Utility Pack if you need to get the GUID of List columns. There in menu bar, select "List Management --> Change Field Settings" and load your site.