Thursday, November 5, 2009

How to Select a Title for My Article

Your article title plays major role to driving long term search engine traffic. For the Title you have to give the overall idea of your article in simple phrase. The most important thing in article is making sure the title contains a strong keyword phrase.

Here I’m going to show you very simple way to select a best title for your article which contains a strong keyword phrase. I always use Query Suggestions in Google when selecting a title for my articles.

For example if I want to select a title for my article on developing SharePoint web part in visual studio, I’ll first search terms related to my article in Google. There as following picture you will be able to see what the things people search most are.

Then based on those results you can select the perfect title for your article by combining them. You can make this easier by using Google Keyword Tool. In the above example I selected my title as SharePoint Web Part Development Tutorial which contains most of keywords.


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