Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How To Make My Site Appear In Google Search

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

If you search the above topic, in many articles you will see the same things like content is king, write unique content, get more back links etc. I was able to get significant traffic in to my blog within a 3, 4 weeks after starting it, because I used something really different than what you saw in other articles about SEO. This is how I did it.

Is the Content King?

Content is impotent but the king is website optimization. So you have to consider on both to get more traffic. You need to have good content but there the important thing is it should be different.

How to Optimize Your Pages?

First consider about Title tag of a particular page, your articles in that page should have a topic containing same key words appear in the Title. You can use bold and italics to highlight the keywords that are relevant to the article. If it is possible try to add those key words in to your main page.

If you are going to add META description tag and the META keywords tag they should have the same keywords that are relevant to the article's topic. Put your article related keywords in between H1, H2 and H3 tags. Use the ALT tag for images is always best practice.

Select the Correct Title for your Article

Here you should consider more about tour article’s title, keywords and header tags. They should match popular search keywords. I have discussed a simple way to do this in my article How to select a Title for my Article.

Back links, How I can Get Them?

Here one way back links plays major role in increasing link popularity. Two way links might be useful but one way back links have much higher weight. By submitting your website to forums, comments on blogs and using social networking websites you can get back links for your web site freely. I will write separate article on this topic soon.

Internal Linking

Internal links are very important. Here the tip is to let the internal link's anchor text contain the same keywords your original article has. For example when linking to your article that is called “ABC” from another page give the same link title as “ABC”.

Frequency of Update, Is It Important?

Yes, search engines give very high weight to frequently updated pages. Your search engine ranking will increase if your website gets updated frequently. More content gives more traffic, which is always true.

My Article Is New; Will It Appear in Search Result?

Yes, time doesn’t matter. You can see some new websites showing up in the top of Google search results after 3 or 4 weeks of their creation, you also can follow these things to achieve that. But remember old pages are always respected by search engines than newer ones.


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